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Resolution Passes With Dedication To Hand Counted Paper Ballots And Doing Away With Machines

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Summary reprinted from BANNONS WAR ROOM

“We've been getting more push back from the Republicans than all the Democrats put together... Now we have the tools necessary, so they can't push back on us anymore." — Mike Lindell

RNC Resolution to Move Away from Hand Counted Paper Ballots

BIG NEWS: Mike Lindell's hard work has finally inspired the RNC to get some real work done in an effort to secure the election process and move away from hand counted paper ballots. On Friday, August 25, 2023 the RNC passed the resolution to return American voting and elections "to excellence." Lindell's efforts continue to prove that grassroots efforts are making a big impact on restoring the Constitution, as well as the Republican party.

Although this resolution applies solely to the Republican primary election process, it is a good first step in the right direction to secure voting integrity for all Americans. The fight isn't over, but Mike Lindell has certainly gotten in a first good punch. Grassroots for America asks that fellow patriots hang in there by staying educated on the latest updates and participating in local, grassroots efforts. The full Resolution may be accessed at Here's a brief introduction to the text from Mike Lindell's Offense Fund RNC Election Resolution document:


WHEREAS, To present a formal Resolution from the Republican National Committee for declared opposition to voting manipulation schemes and to return to the functional and historic balloting and polling experience that Americans understand, appreciate and love. WHEREAS, The mission of the Republican Party is to act as the party that encourages and allows the broadest possible participation to all voters and to assure that the Republican Party is open and accessible to all Americans; WHEREAS, Ensuring the integrity of our voting and election administration is critical and foundational to maintaining a civil and decent society decentralized from a federal government as the Founders intended; WHEREAS, Americans expect accurate and swift determinations as it pertains to elections and the administration of elections; WHEREAS, Elections have been under assault from those on the Left as they attempt to implement schemes and intentionally inject chaotic administration changes that have drastically changed how elections are conducted in hundreds of the most populous counties and regions across the nation; WHEREAS, Election officials are obligated to apply polling place access equitably in states, and should not eliminate polling places in order and to move to 'vote center' models that make polling place access more difficult in more conservative areas; WHEREAS, Democrats are passing non-citizen voting laws in liberal cities, which the Republican National Committee has previously resolved to oppose and ensure only United States citizens decide our elections; WHEREAS, Republican officials are explicitly asking for decisive direction and support from the national Republican apparatus and elected Republican leadership; WHEREAS, The grassroots activists of the Republican Party have discovered and made it abundantly clear that there are recognized problems with electronic election procedures and intentional complications of instituted systems that complicate, belabor and slow down our election processes; WHEREAS, Election experts agree that the most resilient voting systems use paper ballots, either marked by hand or with an assistive device, and are verified by the voter before any means of tabulation; WHEREAS, The Republican National Committee has unanimously opposed complicated election schemes like Ranked Choice Voting that is a clear example of the chaos being pushed on our states and territories; therefore, be it.... Click here to read the rest >

Bannons War Room interviews Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow and


Mike Lindell shared the following updates to the resolution via his emailed newsletter:

Advocating for Paper Ballots: The RNC now fully supports the adoption of paper ballots, hand counts, single-day elections, and precinct-level voter ID requirements. This commitment for secure and accountable voting methods will help fortify the foundation of our democracy.

Ending Extended Election Periods: No longer will Election Day be stretched into a never-ending season of early and vote-by-mail ballots. This resolution reinforces the importance of a single, well-defined election day.

Supporting Voter ID Laws: The RNC is championing the enactment of voter ID laws, urging states to establish regulations that verify the authenticity of every voter, thereby ensuring the integrity of our elections.

Embracing Secure Voting Technology: The RNC pledges support to states and counties as they shift away from vulnerable electronic voting machines, thus reducing the risk of manipulation.

Erasing Ballot Harvesting: This resolution definitively puts an end to unchecked, unsupervised ballot drop boxes, eliminating a loophole that has been exploited by the left and contributing to the questionable outcomes we've witnessed.


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