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Current Initiatives


These are our current initiatives if you have an interest in any of them, please contact the team leader listed to get involved or contribute to the group. Your contribution is greatly appreciated to help save our country.


Constitution Class: This is a 12-week class. The only cost is the book. It meets once a week for 1.5 hours.

Contact Terry Loyd (


Constitutional Candidates: All our elected officials take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. It is up to the Patriots to make sure they do and if they are not that they are replaced by candidates who will.

Contact Ryan Allen (


Fundraising: As with any organization, it takes money to make the wheels turn. We have chosen not to charge dues, but instead we depend on the generosity of the Patriots in the community. Our speakers have expenses, and promoting them cost money.


Legislation: This is an active group who watches the Bills daily when the Legislature is in session. Last session the group went to Tallahassee and participated with the language in the IT and voter integrity bills. This Team will be active in contacting Representatives and Senators with regard to Bills that are of importance to Patriots.

Contact Mike Johnson (


Media: Partnering with local media getting the grassroots message out and letting Patriots know how they can get involved.

Contact Gerald Martin (


Newsletter: If you have anything interesting that Patriots would be interested in that could be included in the newsletter, please pass it along.               Contact Carmelo Belardo (


Opportunity Zones: This was a project that was developed by Senator Tim Scott during President Trump’s first term. Opportunity Zones are designed to ensure that PRIVATE investment is directed to economically distressed communities across the country. Senator Scott’s initiative was to make sure that no one is left behind and that all Americans have the opportunity to prosper.

Contact: Joe Norelli (


School Board: The school board has become a project all its own; between the mask mandates and now the violations of sunshine laws and other laws that have been violated. There is currently a lawsuit and a gofundme account for the attorney for the Seminole County School Board. This is a very active team in collaboration with many other groups and Patriots in Central Florida.

Contact Kelly Shilson (


Special Projects: Grassroots has special speakers and programs for the community on a regular basis. We are open to ideas and contacts you may have.

Contact: Frank Hunt (


Vaccines: This is of great concern to many Patriots, especially with the information changing daily. Of particular concern to many parents is the vaccine for children.

Contact: Beth Martin (


Voter Registration: This team works diligently every week to register new voters. We are always looking for new spots where we can have a registration booth.

Contact: Christine Walker (


Voter Integrity: This team is working on the irregularities on the election of 2020. It is also working on how important a valid election is with precinct captains in place.

Contact: Karen Heriot (


Watch Dogs: All elected officials need to be held accountable. This team has Patriots attending meetings in every town, city and commission meeting and they turn in reports monthly. This way we know who is maintaining their oath and working for their constituents.

Contact Diana Evans (