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The Final War: New Documentary Reaffirms Trump as First to Interrupt Plans for Chinese Domination

Reshared from THE EPOCH TIMES

China's 'great ascension' will always go hand in hand with our fight against American hegemony... This is a 100-year battle that won't be swayed by human will. — from the PLA's 2013 Propaganda Film, "Silent Contest"

Two years ago The Epoch Times released the documentary Tracking Down The Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

During the course of their investigation their reporters revealed two key issues:

  1. The Chinese Communist Regime covered up the science of the origins of the pandemic.

  2. The research and "lax biosafety measures" at the Wuhan lab proved suspicious.

Although an instant hit across multiple platforms, Facebook's in-house "fact checkers" censored the documentary. The first of these alleged fact checkers was Danielle E. Anderson, a former employee of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The documentary also questioned the conspicuous nature of how the Covid pandemic has been continually labeled in the global media as "World War III."

As a result of this initial investigation and subsequent reaction by the mainstream media, The Epoch Times continued their exploration into the CCP influence and interviewed top CCP insiders. They reveal a 100-year plot by the Chinese Communist Party to defeat America and the banner of Freedom.

The Final War is 2.5 hours & covers:

  1. The role China played in the Taliban's plot for control of Afghanistan pre- and post-911, and their continuing aid of Middle Eastern terrorists.

  2. How military force no longer plays a central role in National Security. Covid proved that scientific and psychological warfare could bring about a New World Order.

  3. The inception of the CCP, and its primary goals to take down the United States as the "ultimate enemy," and establish the party's "global domination."

  4. China's deceptive practices to win over U.S. policy makers in order to gain power.

  5. How the CCP turned the cover-up of the virus in its favor, and continues to stoke the fires caused by the pandemic.

  6. How President Trump's administration was first to actively interrupt Chinese plans for economic domination — and unleashed the cancer of "cancel culture" by Chinese-controlled media outlets and corporations.

  7. How failures of the socialist economic system were covered up, and how the regime cheated its way into U.S. and western markets.

  8. The frightening power the Chinese government now possesses over U.S. corporations, media outlets, politicians, and the highest levels of the U.S. military intelligence community.

  9. How Americans can counter and deter CCP influence and threats.

clip from documentary "The Final War"
"Behind the veil of friendliness lied the CCP's staunch hostility; the rejection of American freedom." Image still from the Epoch Times documentary "The Final War."
What remains beautiful about America in spite of our warts, in spite of our political challenges, is that we do represent...The Last, Best Hope — not just for Americans, but for Freedom. For the United States to fail to confront the full scope and reality of the CCP and how they see this final war, is not just to cause Americans to suffer, is to cause people worldwide to suffer. Because if the United States can't prevail against the CCP, then No One Can. — Kevin Roberts, President, The Heritage Foundation Taken from an interview in the Epoch Times documentary The Final War


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