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Retaking America & Crushing Political Correctness with Nick Adams

Grassroots for America hosts a special event June 12th with Founder of the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness

Nick Adams, a once in a generation leader considered the "Paul Revere of our times" and the "Alexis de Tocqueville of our era," will be speaking at the Winey Wench in Seminole County Florida on June 12, 2023 at 7pm.

Mr Adams's organization, Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (FLAG), is working to save our country by acting as a counterweight to the leftist indoctrination of our K-12 schools.

Born and raised in Australia, Adams is a naturalized American citizen with 3 best-selling books endorsed by President Trump.

Grassroots for America invites the public to attend this special event, and witness the greatness of this legal American immigrant and the fruits of American openness and liberty.

FLAG is a movement that is currently taking our country by storm. Join GRA on June 12th to find out how YOU can help be part of America's continued legacy and recovery.


Thanks to the support of 40,000+ grassroots patriots, over 1.3 MILLION FLAG resources have been distributed in classrooms all across America.

The Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness®, also known as FLAG, is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating Americans about the values and principles that make our nation exceptional. To achieve this mission, FLAG promotes and provides high-quality civics education to K-12 students across the country, and impact American culture in a way that preserves our exceptional American value system for generations to come. Our national headquarters, The Andrew Adamopoulos Logistics Center, is located in Tarpon Springs, FL.

Retaking America & Crushing Political Correctness is a special opportunity to hear Nick Adams discuss these issues and answer questions. This event is sponsored by Grassroots For America, and will be held at The Winey Wench in Sanford, Florida. Tickets are $20, and may be pre-purchased online. A cash bar will also be available for attendees.

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