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January 6 Tapes: What They Show

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Portions reprinted from THE RADIO PATRIOT & MJ Truth

"Taken as a whole, the video record does not support the claim that January 6 was an insurrection. In fact, it demolishes that claim. And that's exactly why the Democratic party and its allies in the media prevented you from seeing it." — Tucker Carlson, 3/7/2023


Visit the CHA SUBCOMMITTEE READING ROOM to Access all released clips from the January 6 tapes:


MJ Truth used Timelapse to review roughly 100 video clips from the January 6 tapes, kept an eye out for anomalies or odd movements, and shared the following overview:

  • The bad actors of the J6 event seemed to fit the profiles of a Fed or Antifa. The players causing the most chaos appeared well-coordinated with a pre-defined objective to breach building security, and perform recordable “insurrection” moments. These bad actors also appear to force people inside the building to be caught on the "Tell-A-Vision."

  • The footage shows the majority of citizens peacefully walking the halls and taking pictures as the police escort them through the building.

Irregular and outrageous activity was evidenced in clips like:

  • A Capitol police officer shoving a man, causing him to hit his head on a column, and left on the ground "like a dog."

  • After breaking windows, suspected Feds (or Antifa) broke down the door, then waved and pulled people into the building — while recording their actions.

  • A QAnon "shaman" entered the building at the 57 sec mark…

  • At beginning of the video men are shown fighting police; however, moments later, these same men seem to have a strong desire to break down the door to their left.

Capitol Police letting protesters into the building, and escorting them through the halls:

Capitol Police officer seen shaking hands with Trump supporter (guy with backpack):

Suspected Fed (or Antifa) breaks the window glass, and walks away with an odd-looking smiley face 😎:

Is it standard practice for film and photography crews follow police officers during a "deadly insurrection?"

In Summary

Up until recently the American public has been given the media's filtered view of the 41,000 hours of footage. Anyone questioning the narrative that was fed to us, was branded as a conspiracy theorist (per usual), or someone who needs a good "fact-checking" (all the more laughable coming from the mainstream media).

In the meantime, non-violent protesters have been persecuted, imprisoned, and denied their rights to a fair and speedy trial. There was no reporting on how the prisoners were treated unfairly, or the devastation faced by families who waited over two years for their jailed loved ones to get a trial. They also fail to report that this same footage was withheld from defendants and their counsel. Pleading guilty under such intense pressure doesn't result in justice — it's just a reprieve from the stress of prison. How many of us would have been capable of facing 15 years in prison and a costly, sustained, and most likely unfairly prolonged court battle?

The fact that this video evidence was withheld for so long clearly violates the Brady Rule, and the prosecutors (and/or news agents) are criminally liable for not allowing exculpatory evidence.

The Brady rule, named after Brady v. Maryland, requires prosecutors to disclose material, exculpatory information in the government's possession to the defense. Brady material, or the evidence the prosecutor is required to disclose under this rule, includes any information favorable to the accused which may reduce a defendant's potential sentence, go against the credibility of an unfavorable witness, or otherwise allow a jury to infer against the defendant’s guilt.
Initially, the Brady rule was only applicable if the defendant made a pretrial request for specific information which the prosecution denied. In United States v. Bagley, however, the Supreme Court eliminated this request requirement and stated that the prosecution has a constitutional duty to disclose all material, favorable information in their possession to defendants regardless of whether it is requested. This duty is breached regardless of whether that information is withheld intentionally or unintentionally. —

The video coverage does not show any clear evidence of "insurrection" or violence directed at police officers or government employees. If we assume these protesters are acting in good faith to protect the Union, no crime was committed, and they were fully in their rights under the Constitution. Once again the DOJ reveals their complete contempt for justice. A man is spending 4 years of his life in prison for what? Nothing in the tapes helps keep the mainstream media's lies alive.



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