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Grassroots For America will host best-selling author, Stephen Strang, on July 17th

Don't miss a very special evening with author and founder/CEO of Charisma magazine, Stephen Strang, as he presents: "Is There a Spiritual Root to the Cultural Problems in Our Country?"

God and Donald Trump Book review - Stephen Strang

Grassroots For America is proud to present Stephen Strang, best-selling author of several books, including God and Donald Trump, and was named as one ofTime magazine's "25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America." Mr. Strang is coming to Seminole County to discuss spirituality in America, and how it is currently affecting our culture.

Stephen Strang is a Longwood, Florida native, and has long been an evangelist for the Christian faith. He currently hosts a weekly podcast covering topics on U.S. and International politics, Christian missions and movements, persecution, and is the founder of Charisma magazine, a publication "dedicated to empowering believers to live life in the Spirit." Stephen's op-ed articles have been featured in major publications, and he has appeared on several talk shows to discuss spirituality and politics in America.

Don't miss this opportunity to meet a true Patriot and spiritual leader, and get a signed copy of his latest book.


This event is brought to you by Grassroots For America, a 501(c)3 organization. To learn how to become a member for only $35/year, visit


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