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Shots May Be Causing Widespread Autoimmune Problems

Recent evidence suggests that immunizations may be causing widespread autoimmune problems. Summary from COFFEE & COVID NEWSLETTER

autoimmune problems related to jabs

An increase in autoimmune problems may be related to jabs according to recent reports of sudden deaths in healthy young people.

USA Today published an article this week about a two-year old story, headlined “Michigan teen’s death fueled anti-vaccine rhetoric. We got CDC’s investigative report.

"On June 16th, 2021, only three days after getting his second Pfizer injection, Jacob’s parents found their teenaged son dead in his bed. Jacob went to sleep the night before complaining about a stomach ache and never woke up.

"Jacob’s father, Joseph Clynick, blames the jabs. He told reporters, 'I think it had to have something to do with the vaccine. It doesn't make any sense that it wouldn’t.'

"Joe Clynick wasn’t the only one.

"Jacob’s medical examiner, Randy Tashjian, who conducted Jacob’s autopsy, formally concluded that Jacob died from 'myocarditis of uncertain etiology.' Dr. Tashjian wound up publishing a journal case report including Jacob’s and another teen’s similar deaths — both of which died right after getting the jabs.

Dr. Tashjian wound up getting fired over that case report.

"To its credit, here’s how USA Today’s article fairly described Dr. Tashjian’s journal case report:

Tashiian and the article's co-authors hypothesized that the first dose of the vaccine could have caused some inflammation and damage to their hearts, and when the teens got a second dose, their bodies reacted with "an excessive and uncontrolled inflammatory response."

"The damage in the teen boys' hearts appeared to be different than what is typically seen with myocarditis caused by a bacterial infection or a virus."

"After studying a group of Melbourne children who’d gotten the Pfizer jab, as well as unvaccinated kids — both those who’d had Covid and those who hadn’t — the researchers found the vaccinated kids had a depressed immune response to bacterial, fungal, and viral infections:

BNT162b2 vaccination is associated with a decrease in bacterial and viral stimulant-induced cytokine responses one month after vaccination … BNT162b2 vaccination is associated with a sustained decrease in cytokine responses to viral, but not bacterial, stimulants six months after vaccination.

"The researchers concluded that the mRNA jabs act to depress immune responses to other 'heterologous' infections, apart from Covid. This is particularly dangerous to children, because they are exposed to so many new germs at school and are constantly being jabbed as part of the normal vaccine schedule:

Our findings suggest SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination could alter the immune response to other pathogens, which cause both vaccine-preventable and non-vaccine-preventable diseases. This is particularly relevant in children as they: have extensive exposure to microbes at daycare, school, and social occasions; are often encountering these microbes for the first time; and receive multiple vaccines as part of routine childhood vaccination schedules. There are currently no data on the clinical effects of COVID-19 vaccination-related heterologous effects in children.

"The researchers did not report any long-term recovery from the immune-suppressing effects of the jabs — six months was the extent of the study. "

Sepsis Related to Jab Injuries

"There is building evidence sepsis is related to jab injuries. Two days ago, the UK Sun ran a followup story headlined, “The 2 obscure signs of sepsis you must know as Strictly’s Amy Dowden shares terrifying update.”

"Amy Dowden, 33, is the British star of Strictly Come Dancing, who we reported on a couple months ago, after she suddenly and unexpectedly got Stage 3 turbo breast cancer (and was jabbed). According to the Sun’s recent article, that wasn’t the only medical emergency Amy had to deal with. She also had a near-fatal 'scary ordeal' with sepsis.

"Fortunately — unlike Jacob — Amy got immediate medical attention and recovered.

"The Sun reporters suggested (without evidence) that her chemotherapy suppressed Amy’s immune system, which created the conditions for the septic attack. But the new Frontiers study suggests a different possible cause: the jabs."

In addition:

"Brazilian fitness influencer, Larissa Borges, 33, tragically died Monday after suffering a double cardiac arrest due to 'unknown causes.' Larissa, called an Instagram 'superstar,' routinely posted pics to over 30,000 followers of her exercise routines, toned physique, and idyllic vacations.

"On August 20th, the workout star was traveling in Gramado when she had a sudden and unexpected heart attack. She was rushed to the hospital and fell into a coma, where she remained for a nerve-wracking week while her family provided live updates on her condition. But then Larissa, comatose, under minute-to-minute medical care, had a second cardiac arrest and fell completely off life’s treadmill right in front of her doctors.

"All of Larissa’s social media was instantly locked down, for no reason at all, don’t ask questions. Who shut down her accounts? This seems obvious, but to explain it for Portland residents: dead people don’t need privacy. They’re dead."

To read the full article from the Coffee and Covid Newsletter, click the link below:



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