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Documentary Series "DEATH COUNTY & THE RIVER OF BROKEN DREAMS" with Tom Homan premiers on YouTube


Tom Homan, former ICE Director under President Donald Trump, is featured in the premier of Death County & The River of Broken Dreams. The first 48-minute episode of this documentary series describes the incredible dangers to both U.S. citizens, as well as to those crossing illegally, along North America's southern border. This 48-minute episode, is the first of 10 episodes scheduled for 2023 release. The series was written and produced by the team at Defend the Border and Save Lives (DBSL), a national, grassroots project based upon Tom Homan’s book by the same name. Their non-profit organization was established to raise awareness about border safety via online and in-person events and videos.


In 2023 DBSL also released a TV series based on the life of Tom Homan. The series follows an amazing street cop who worked his way to the top as Director of Immigration, Customs & Enforcement, earning prestigious awards from President Obama and President Trump. A cop's life is loaded with constant dangers, deadly events, and humorous, life-changing moments; however, Tom is the tough cop with a soft heart who works hard to save many lives.

In addition to 2023's Death County & The River of Broken Dreams 10-episode series, Defend the Border and Save Lives is also working to produce a daily Border Briefing Alert live-stream, a national team of Border Coalition Partners, and a comprehensive Border Security program based in Florida. The team's 501(c)(3) non-profit organization also works to promote its national border security grassroots campaign in key battleground states.


As a result of the Biden Administration’s planned (and unplanned) efforts to radically transform America, our country's southern border is in the midst of a devastating crisis that includes:

  • Illegal entry

  • Human trafficking

  • Drug trafficking

  • Child exploitation

  • Extortion

  • Sex & rape crimes

  • A breakdown of the Rule of Law

Defend the Border and Save Lives proposes a solution that requires action both politically and culturally. Education is necessary to help citizens vote intelligently for politicians who understand the necessity to humanely maintain border security and sovereignty. In support of these efforts, Tom Homan is on the road to talk to the public about his experiences and the harsh realities that southern border patrol agents are facing. He is hoping to mobilize his fellow Americans to vote for a pro-Border Security President in 2024.


The public is invited to join Grassroots For America in a special, live presentation and VIP Meet & Greet with Tom Homan on August 14, 2023 in Sanford, Florida. For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit


The Tom Homan Project is also working to raise $300,000 to support their educational campaign. To make a tax-deductible donate to their non-profit organization visit:

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