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Grassroots for America, Inc. is a group of Patriots who are actively working at the local level to make changes that will have an impact nationally. We understand the cost of liberty and freedom. We strive every day to impart knowledge and give tools to fellow citizens. Our goal is to save our country for our children and grandchildren's future and the American way of life. We are not affiliated with any political party or candidate.

Person holding American flag_edited.jpg

Grassroots for America, Inc. is leading the charge in Seminole County government regarding the mask mandate and exposing the corruption with the recent hiring of the unqualified superintendent of schools and the violation of the sunshine law. We had a watch dog training with professionals from Edgar County, Illinois with nearly 100 attendees who are active with this exposure. We have whistleblowers helping us and a attorney on standby who says we have a case. Here is the GoFundMe for raising the money to pursue the case on behalf of Seminole County. Please consider a donation to help, any amount will be appreciated. This team attends every school board meeting, and they speak every time! Whether you have children in the school system or not, if you have real estate in Seminole County, the quality of the school system being run by a non-educator who gave raises to all her friends once she was sworn in should alarm you because your taxes will likely go up.  Seminole County has always been the best school system in the state. Not anymore!! (article attached)


Grassroots has been active with legislation and had a team watching the bills in Tallahassee daily. We even had a bus go and attend in Chamber and give input on both the Tech and election integrity Bills and had influence on some of the language that is in the Bills now. That group is currently meeting again, and this is a very active team. They will be meeting at the Chianti Center if anyone is interested in seeing what they are doing.


 Grassroots also has watch dogs attending all elected officials’ meetings so we know who is doing their job and who is not. This way we know who needs to be replaced when their term is up. This is not about having friends in office. This is about running qualified people who have integrity and their constituents best interest at the forefront!


Grassroots has been active and taking the lead across the State with election integrity. Seminole County went blue for the first time ever. The local party will try to tell you we are still red. That's a lie! Seminole County is one of 9 of the worst counties in the state! Just because Florida is still red does not mean we are in the clear!! Remember how close it was in 2018?! We are NOT out of the woods for 2022!!


Grassroots made the first FOIA request of the Supervisor of Elections, and our team has continued to make requests to collect the information they are presenting. There is no doubt there was fraud in Seminole County for 2020; maybe before. Red down ballot and blue at the top?! REALLY?! Well, the local party is not a group of Trump maybe it does make sense.


Grassroots is currently out every week doing voter registration and we have all been trained how to do it effectively by The Trump Team 2020. We have petitions that we get signed about the Second Amendment and Voter Integrity and we educate voters about these issues at our booths, as well as the difference between the party platforms.


Over 30 Grassroots patriots recently completed a 12-week course on the Constitution. If we are going to hold our elected officials accountable, we need to have it fresh on our minds, as well. It was so popular that we will be offering it again in the Fall.

Grassroots is being trained on Roberts Rules of Order. Again, in order to hold elected officials accountable, we need to know the rules as well.

801 International Parkway, Suite 5095
Lake Mary 32746

Phone # 407-605-3187


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