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Let's Make a Difference

Grassroots for America, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organized by Patriots who actively work at the local level to make changes nationally. Our team understands the cost of liberty and freedom; therefore, we strive to educate and empower our fellow citizens.

Our mission is to protect the Constitution of the United States of America and support the "America First" agenda by educating the public and seeking out candidates who support traditional American values.

* Grassroots for America (GFA) is not affiliated with any political party or candidate.

Did You Catch Mike Lindell's
2023 Election
Crime Summit?


Make Honey Great Again!

Grassroots for America, Inc. is proud to announce that you can now purchase all natural raw honey and ALSO support making both America AND Honey great again!!!  Make Honey Great Again will donate 25% of all purchases using the code GRASSROOTS to Grassroots for America!

Current Initiatives

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Strength comes from knowledge. That's why we hold regular classes on the Constitution, train Watch Dogs & host guest speakers.

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Righting the wrongs of the 2020 election is a top priority. Our team is working at the local & national levels to improve the security of our votes.

Children in School Bus


In collaboration with Central Florida Patriots, our team challenges school board sunshine law violations, mask mandates, & abuses of Constitutional rights. 

What We Do

We are making a difference in Seminole County and Central Florida via grassroots activism and education. Our recent win includes the election of Bruce Cherry to the role of Chairman for the Seminole County Republicans.

Florida School Boards
School Boards
Constitution Classes
Constitution Classes
Florida Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs
Candidate Training in Florida
Candidate Training
Florida Legislation
Florida Voter Registration
Voter Registration
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Election Integrity
Constitutional Sheriffs in Florida
Constitutional Sheriffs
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